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Apollo Bay Mechanics Hall Conditions Of Use

Please read carefully and make a copy for your reference

Bookings and Key Collection/Return

  • A booking or an alteration to booking can only to be made with either the Chairperson or Secretary.
  • A booking cannot be confirmed until the completed booking form is returned with a copy of the hirer’s Public Liability Insurance certificate of currency or a request to purchase insurance through the DSE liability scheme (see below)
  • Total hire charges plus bond must be paid prior to event.
  • Keys are to be collected from & returned to the Hawkeye Homewares -147 Great Ocean Road Apollo Bay.
  • Keys will only be issued to the contact person listed on the booking form.
  • All keys must be returned to Hawkeye Homewares within 24 hours of function ending.
  • Bond will be held until inspection of hall is deemed satisfactory by the committee and all keys returned.

Kitchen Hire

  • Kitchen can be hired independent of Hall.
  • Commercial users/caterers must be registered with their local shire and also obtain a ‘Statement of Trade’ from the Colac Otway Shire. A copy of their registration and statement of trade must accompany booking form.

Hall Access

  • Initial entrance to hall is via the kitchen door to the left up the steps at front of hall.
  • Exits are located at the front of hall and to the left of main hall near the stage, push bars down to open.
  • Wheelchair access is via the left side hall exit and must be opened upon request from the inside of hall.
  • It is the responsibility of the user to check that all points of entry including front double doors, main kitchen entrance, kitchen side door, and storage shed roller doors, exits and gallery are locked at end of function.

Lights and Power

  • Main power/lighting switchboard for the hall, kitchen, gallery, toilets and outside is located within the entrance foyer.
  • Switchboard for stage, backstage, shed, heating and three phase power outlet is located inside door at side of stage via women’s toilet entrance.
  • Audio/PA GPO’s are located on the back wall of hall to the right of foyer.
  • Theatre lighting GPO’s located above ceiling lighting racks and tails end at backstage switchboard.
  • Lighting must be restricted to areas of use only. Switches for each area are marked
  • Daytime users please ensure that outside lighting is off
  • Heating switch is located on right hand wall towards front of stage. Ensure it is turned off at wall and switchboard after use.
  • Ensure all lights are turned off at the end of function.

Seating and Fixtures

  • Seating arrangements are the responsibility of the hirer.
  • Seating can be removed if required. Upholstered chairs are to be stacked carefully and only 5 high and stored in storage shed. Chair ganging clips are to be stored in plastic tub provided under kitchen bench. Plastic chairs and racks stored under stage.
  • Chairs must not be left stacked in hall during a function as people may sit on them whilst stacked and damage them.
  • Removal of furniture or any fixture from the hall/premises is prohibited without permission from committee.
  • The piano can be used. It is the user’s responsibility if they want it tuned, and it must be returned to the backstage room.
  • Use existing hooks and fixtures to attach decorations, lighting etc. You must have C’tee approval to add extra hooks etc.
  • Use of gaffer, masking and cello tape on walls is not permitted as it will lift paint.

It is the Hirer’s responsibility to reinstate the chairs to the seating plan attached and clip the upholstered chairs together with the ganging clips after the hall has been cleaned.

User Etiquette

  • Amplified music must cease by 12.00midnight and Functions must finish at the latest by 1.00am
  • Users must ensure guests leave quietly at the end of the function as there are residents in close proximity.
  • Users must provide adequate security and control any disruption occurring within or outside the hall during a function.
  • Any accident or incident resulting in injury occurring during the function must be reported to the secretary within 24 hours.
  • Any damage to hall as a result of function to be reported to secretary within 24 hours.

Hall Cleaning

Cleaning of the Main Hall’s floors, toilets, stage, backstage rooms and foyer is included in the Hire fee. However:

  • It is the Hirer’s responsibility to clear all areas of rubbish, personal equipment/props/decorations or other objects not belonging to the hall within 24hours of function ceasing so the cleaner has easy access.
  • It is the Hirer’s responsibility to remove and place all rubbish and recyclables in the appropriate Sulo bins provided, situated outside at the south side of hall and to put Sulo bins on curb side of road for collection.
  • It is the Hirer’s responsibility to remove any excess rubbish and take it away from hall
  • It is the Hirer’s responsibility to check and remove any rubbish left in the outside the surrounds of the hall
  • It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure the inside rubbish bins are left clean, dry and stored in kitchen.
  • If needed during event, brooms, mops, buckets, vacuum cleaner, toilet rolls, paper hand towel and garbage bin liners are located in storage cupboard located in hallway leading to the men’s toilets. Cleaning agents are under sink/bench in kitchen.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Cleaning of Kitchen is the sole responsibility of the Hirer and their Catering staff.
  • The Kitchen must be left spotless! Please refer to attached cleaning schedule and equipment inventory.


All Users of the Apollo Bay Mechanics Institute must have Public Liability Insurance.

A booking cannot be finalised unless insurance is in place.

Insurance cover can be purchased for a one off event/function through The Department of Sustainability and Environments Hirer’s Liability Scheme for the cost of $60. Please read below. If you require purchasing this insurance please tick where indicated on the Booking Form & Hire agreement. If providing your own Insurance, a copy of your certificate of currency must be attached to the Booking form & Hire Agreement.

DSE Hirers Liability Scheme

Casual or Occasional Users of Crown Land Reserve Facilities


The insurers definition of an Adhoc/Casual and Occasional Hirer is: ‘Any individual or groups hiring the facility up to 52 hiring’s over a 12 month period’

The intention of the scheme is to provide Public/Products Liability insurance protection to the Adhoc/Casual and Occasional Hirers of Crown Land Facilities in the State of Victoria. It is not intended to cover those entities/groups who have a seasonal tenancy use of a reserve or facility such as sporting groups who should have their own Public/Products Liability insurance.

Cover under the scheme only provides indemnity to the actual hirers and does not provide insurance protection to other entities, such as participants and/or proprietors of amusement rides and/or contractors etc that might also be involved in a particular activity. The Scheme also does not provide cover for:

  • Carnivals and Festivals
  • Major Sporting Events / Sports Carnivals
  • Music Concerts (Rock Concerts)
  • Rave / Dance Parties
  • Amusement Devices and Amusement Rides
  • Fireworks Displays

Further guidelines to add greater clarity and place some reasonable boundaries on the facility are, as follows:

  • The intention of the scheme is to cover uninsured hirers. The Committee should make some enquiries to ascertain whether the hirers have their own Public Liability insurance in place.
  • Indemnity is only provided to the hirer of the facility. Indemnity is not provided to any other participants/performers/contractors that may be involved in the hire activity (e.g.: A band engaged for a wedding reception). Hirers should ensure these other parties have in place their own Public Liability insurance.
  • The hire activity is limited to a period of five (5) consecutive days.
  • Coverage is offered only where a hiring agreement is in place however there is no requirement that a hiring fee has to be charged to offer the cover. It should be clear in the hiring agreement that the hirer is relying on the Hirers Liability policy for coverage.
  • There is no coverage available where the hire is part of a festival/event. The event organiser is required to effect there own insurance. They may be able to access coverage via the Community Insurance website
  • There is no coverage available to commercial entities that hire the facility and charge admission or derive monetary gain from the actual hire activity. There is no problem in covering commercial entities for hire activities where there is no monetary gain derived from the actual hire activity. There is also no problem in covering NFP (Not For Profit) entities who may charge for fund raising purposes.